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Your employees are one of your greatest investments. Health insurance is a critical factor in recruiting and retaining employees, as well as maintaining job satisfaction and productivity. We use top-rated insurance companies to help employers find cost-effective solutions to their group health insurance.

The Benefits for Employers

Providing a healthcare plan gives your business a strategic advantage by investing money in your employees which has shown to often result in better-performing workers, and lower absenteeism and health care costs. The welfare of employees has a direct impact on the success of the company.

There are many different types of insurance options you can select to cover you and your eligible dependents such as:

  • Health Insurance
    • Major medical plans – we offer all the major carriers, with HMO and PPO options.  These plans will not have a pre-existing clause but may have other limitations base on networks and the plan selected.
    • Indemnity options – PPO options, do not have a minimum participation or contribution requirement.  They are subject to pre-existing conditions typically for the 1st year.
    • Self-funded/Level funded – these plans resemble major medical plans and can be HMO/PPO’s. They can offer significant savings to the group by using a smaller network.
  • Critical Illness (Heart attack/stroke and cancer)
    These plans can provide you with a fixed amount of money for your living expenses or a benefit for your medical expenses.
  • Accident Insurance
    These plans cover you if you are in an accident and can have coverage for on or off the job events.  They typically also carry a benefit for accidental death or dismemberment.
  • Accident Disability
    These will give you income if you are disabled due to an accident.  There are many riders that can be added to these policies that have different exclusion periods and have different periods of time that they would provide coverage.
  • Gap Insurance*
    These plans can greatly reduce your major medical deductibles and copays.
  • Life
    Typically, term policies that are written on your employees for varying amounts typically based on their salaries.
    These are policies that you can provide, or your employees can elect that will give them income benefits for the short or long term if they become ill or disabled and cannot perform their job.
  • Dental/Vision
    These benefits can be offered and paid for by the employer or supplemented by the employer.  Many options to choose from and often a great supplement to their health insurance.
  • 401K
    A retirement vehicle with tax-deferred benefits.
  • HSA Plans
    A tax-advantaged medical savings account.  Owned by the individual and never expire.

*Eliminates or greatly reduce your major medical deductible and co-insurance

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